NoBo 75ml – Pre Shower Spray – Removes odour causing bacteria for a confident B O free day



Targets Body Odour and neutralises it

Remove one life’s great taboos’- get rid of your BO and be confident

The NoBO system gives you the confidence to face your day without Body Odour concerns.


Product Description


  • Prevents growth of odour causing bacteria
  • Long lasting leaving you feeling fresher all day
  • Applies easily
  • Can be used on any part of the body including feet
  • Aluminium free- giving your skin freedom to breath naturally
  • Helps restore self confidence


Easy to apply using our pre and post shower applications will leave you feeling fresh all day. No BoBo works by changing the Ph level of your skin thus creating an environment that odour-causing bacteria cannot thrive on. For best results use our post shower applicator for enhanced results


Pre Shower: Spray the affected areas with 4- 6 times and leave for 1 minute before showering. Everyone is different so work out what amount works for you.

Post Shower:

Place the formula in your hand (to avoid mess) and apply directly to areas that trap a lot of moisture. Only a thin layer of powder is required.
Use in conjunction with NoBO Pre Shower Spray for best results.


Sodium Bicarbonate
Magnesium Carbonate
Zinc Oxide


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