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I tried many different things from steroid creams from the doctor (which obviously were amazing) but bad for my baby and over the counter stuff from the chemist which I found did nothing to help my son with his eczema.
Then I was given a free sample of the xbalm and have not looked back. It is phenomenal the way it has cleared up my sons skin. I am so happy and relieved as I was extremely upset and stressed out before, seeing my son so uncomfortable with all the itching. His skin was so red and dry that he started looking like an old man instead of a beautiful 1 year old boy.
Now he is happy and so am I. I love love love this product and want to thank you all so much, especially the clever brain that came up with this product. I will tell everyone about it and will not stop raving about it.

Geeta Luna | A Very Thankful Mother

I have had psoriasis for the last 45 years. I have tried all the creams that the Doctors recommend, light treatments etc and this is the first treatment that really works. I know it will not cure psoriasis but at last I have a cream that keeps it at bay and stops the itching and flaking. I can now wear short sleeve shirts and shorts which I have not worn for years.. It has made a huge difference to my life and I thank Scott and Deon from the bottom of my heart.

Brian van Nierkerk | South Africa

After struggling for years with the stigma and embarrassment of psoriasis, along with endless testing of different products available to find relief, Skinatural Xbalm has shown to be the most effective and has significantly reduced the symptoms and given me my confidence back, I even wore a dress this summer!! Its made from totally natural ingredients too, so reducing the amount of toxins my body has to cope with, unlike the prescribed steroid based creams from the doctor. I use this balm everyday!

Emma | London

From the moment you put Scott’s Xbalm on your skin it feels different. It seems to grip your skin as soon as you apply it and yet it completely dissolves in seconds. It feels much higher quality than anything you can buy in chemists and it has made a major difference to my skin which is less red, feels more moisturised and less dry. From the moment you put it on you feel better.

Mike | Sunderland

I tried the first pot of Xbalm a month or so ago. I do not suffer from psoriasis as such, but I do get chapped and dry skin and this balm really does the trick. I liked it because it has no over-powering scent as can sometimes be the case. It applies easily and absorbs into the skin quickly with no greasy residue. I do a lot of hiking and found that the cream was great on sun/wind burned skin. Very soothing and left skin feeling soft and pliable. Although obviously aimed at alleviating a specific skin condition this balm is really a very good all round salve for skin where it is dry or suffered a battering from the elements. Great for knees, elbows and as a hand cream as well. Thoroughly recommend this product – try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Jane | London

When I put the XBalm on my legs it’s the only thing that doesn’t inflame my legs and when I’m using it I have no itching at all. In fact, when I put it on for the first few days I couldn’t think what was missing in my day and thought I must have forgotten something, then I realised that for the first time in years I wasn’t aware of my legs as there was no itching at all. Bliss.

Deborah | Psoriasis Sufferer from Jersey

I just wanted to let you know that after using your XBalm for psoriasis it has cleared up amazingly well. I had a bad flare up of it behind my ears and around my hairline and I used the cream for 3 nights and it is actually gone. This is the quickest result I have ever had from any treatment I have tried.The balm is not to oily or greasy and has a really pleasant smell, which is unusual for psoriasis treatment. I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends who suffer from psoriasis.

Sarah | London XBalm

I discovered Derma Solutions last year and have been using their Xbalm ever since. I honestly had tried every eczema and moisturising cream you find on the supermarket and pharmacy shelves and most of these had little to no noticeable affect on my dry skin. Ever the skeptic, I was however persuaded to give this balm a try. It does work for me. The benefits I find over other creams on the market? I would say this ‘lasts’ longer than others and probably only needs to be applied every 12 hours. It also smells way way nicer than any of the other creams I used to use. It reminds me of the massage bars you would find in the Lush shops in the UK (big compliment by the way) I guess that is the natural ingredients they use. Anyway, great product so good luck Derma Solutions!

Rob | London Skinatural X Balm

I have been suffering from psoriasis for the past 10 years, I have tried a lot of remedies from steroids to natural products I have always found it would do nothing at all or it would take it away completely only to return back aggressively. After discovering Derma Solutions through a friend I started to use the XBalm as the ingredients in it were appealing to me after researching the ingredients that were used in this particular product. After using it the first thing I noticed was that the smell is better than the other products I’ve tried, also a small amount goes along way. I did not notice anything instantly regarding my condition but after 3 days I did notice the skin feeling smoother and it was less irritable,and I was not shedding as much skin. My overall verdict is that this is a cream I would recommend, it’s a cream that has natural ingredients, suitable for vegans an it can be used as a daily moisturizer, so it’s win win win.

Israh ali Ahmed | London

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